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The Ultimate Bodybuilding Coach, Hany Rambod, explains why a "prison gym" fosters strong character and how it differs from a "influencer gym" - EssentiallySports

In bodybuilding, gyms are like forges of the old dedicated to birthing more gods for Mt. Olympus. It is in the gym that bodybuilders bleed and sweat together, make sacrifices, and toil throughout every routine to get them to chase their destinies. However, the concept of the perfect gym is completely subjective as it varies from athlete to athlete.

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While some athletes prefer working out in a leisurely gym, with all the proper advanced equipment and advantages, others prefer to do it outdoors in the open. While some like to have their machines in place, others like it rugged. With all that in mind, bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod unveils what his perfect gym looks like.

Hany Rambod compared prison gyms to influencer gym

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In the latest episode of his podcast called The Truth, which he shares an update for every week on his official YouTube channel, bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod, was seen talking about the major difference between a prison gym and an influencer gym. He goes back to the time when he used to train the legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman and his girlfriend.


As the video further proceeds, he goes on to talk about how, the gym that Coleman used to workout in, people often referred to it as the prison gym. It had bent dumbbells, and workouts were performed outside when the temperature was 100 degrees and with 100% humidity. According to him, prison gyms help in building character.


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In the video, he says, “Those are the types of gyms that build character and I feel like when you go into those types of gyms it’s a different level.” He says although there’s nothing wrong with influencer gyms, they are just not suitable for someone who is preparing for Mr. Olympia. It goes well for somebody who just wants to get content. He even talks about why he himself preferred going there.

Why does Hany Rambod prefer going to a Prison gym?

Hany Rambod

As the video gradually proceeds he highlights why he always prefers prison gyms over influencer gyms, he even stated the perks he had that made him go there three to four times a week. He just had to drive for an hour and a half from Santa Barbara, where Metroflex, the gym that he is referring to is located, to Venice. 

He says, “I could use the posing room, I would see, get motivated, see everybody that’s just Elite Olympia level, while I was doing the Iron Man naturally.” For him that was what he loved about those gyms, it allowed him to toil hard and bring out the best version of himself. Well, acquiring the Sandow trophy is a dream for every bodybuilder and Hany Rambod has always done everything to get his bodybuilders to win the title. He once even shared his journey with the Mr. Olympia.

Hany Rambod unravels his journey with Mr. Olympia

Hany Rambod

Rambod is often regarded as one of the best IFBB Pro coaches in the realm of bodybuilding, and winning 24 titles in his coaching history for the Olympia has only solidified his name! But the first one is of course always special. He spoke about his emotions after winning the first-ever Mr. Olympia title.

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His first win was from the IFBB Figure Olympia and his client was Nicole Wilkins. He won the title four times in a tenure of five years, and following that, Jay Cutler won the title for the first time under his training in 2009, giving his career a major boost. And well, there have been several changes ever since his first victory to his 24th one.


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Hany Rambod talks about the drastic changes that he has brought about 

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In a Q&A session, that he took up with the 2023 Mr. Olympia champ Derek Lunsford, Rambod was asked about the difference in his feelings after winning the title for the first time and winning it this time, marking his 24th victory. He highlighted how they were absolutely poles apart from each other.


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Rambod said, “My first win was within the figure category, way back. And I believe that now the pressure is much much higher, in the open class obviously.” He even talks about the difference in pressure that he had before and now. He says that with the advent of his name on every social media platform, he has much more responsibility to cater to now, and that means making the same person win multiple times to establish the reign. 

However, he surely has evolved with time and experience. Beginning his career for the sake of his passion to be one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches in history, sure has been one hell of a ride. What are your thoughts on the journey of Hany Rambod? Let us know in the comments section below!

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